Tips for First Time Cruise Travellers

In any holiday, planning and looking forward to it is part of the fun. Cruising holidays are certainly no exception.

The first question that comes to the mind to the first time cruise travellers is what to pack.

Even though the answer to this question varies dramatically according to the location and time of the year we can provide one simple guideline: Do not over-pack. On average first time cruisers pack twice the amount of items that they need. It is always recommendable to elaborate a list of items and then stick to it. Some travellers tend to fall in the temptation of packing loads of shoes; it is very important to avoid this temptation as they take out loads of luggage space. Bringing one pair of walking shoes, one pair of casual shoes and one pair of dressy shoes is more than enough.

Some items which are worth remembering are:
- Moisturized wipes: These are very useful while on shore excursions
- Night light to place in the bathroom. This item will come handy to the passengers in the inside cabins.
- Sun glasses and sun cream
- Pack wrinkle free clothes: Just in case the ship has not got any ironing room as the laundry costs tend to be quite expensive.
- Do not pack too many t shirts as you are quite likely to purchase more either onboard or in any of the places you visit.

Other important recommendation is to never pack cash, traveller’s checks or any valuable items in the check in luggage.

It is very important to bear in mind that the embarkation process is a very hectic time to all the cruise personnel therefore we can make the process easier and quicker for them by making sure that we keep all the cruised documents handy.

Most cruised provide a cruise card that makes the function of a charge card; it is recommendable to monitor the balance regularly specially if travelling on a budget.

It is important to remember that most cruises do not give the option to pay with personal checks and not all of them will include an ATM machine though most of them will. Before making any telephone call you should always check the cost as sometimes they can be quite expensive. It is always worth finding out in advance about the roaming feature with your mobile phone operator. Buying a calling card is an option that can save you a considerable amount of money.

Nowadays cruises offer a wide range of shore activities and excursions, it always pays off to reserve early as the most popular cruises tend to be sold within the first two days of the cruise. It is important to get to know the cruise staff early as they have a great knowledge of the activities on offer so they are able to provide sound advice.

Finally for those who tend to get seasick it is important to avoid looking ou

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First Time Cruising: How to Get the Total Experience

First time cruising is exciting yet it requires patience and a lot of research to make the most out of your planned cruise. The cruise ship is packed with a lot of goodies from activities for children to the activities that old people want to engage themselves into. It is only right that when going on a cruise for the first time you should be able to make the most out of your money.

First time cruising is tricky. Here are some of the things that you need to prepare for.

Pre-cruise Studies: Always research about the cruise ship and the trip itself. Everything else that you need should have been pre-arranged from the cabins you’ll be sleeping in to the food that you’ll dine.

Don’t double tip: When paying for your trip you have already been charged about 10-15% for every meal that you will be having. It is really not that necessary to give tips.

When it rains pack right: When travelling on a cruise ship, it is always a must to be prepared with clothes and other stuff that you can wear when it rains. You can’t always be so sure that the weather forecast is right. Sometimes there are sudden splashes of rain and you don’t want your travel experience to be ruined just because you were soaked in the rain.

Stay slim amidst the all-you-can-eat buffet: Remember that all of these are paid for. If you wish to stay slim despite the huge amount that you paid for then that’s completely your discretion. In case you really want to enjoy that sumptuous feast, here’s what you can do. Instead of taking the elevator when roaming around the ship, why not try taking the stairs for a change. This is to ensure that you’ll burn those calories just right.

Design a Ship Tour for Embarkation Day: You don’t want to waste your time and energy sitting on a cabin while waiting for your ship to arrive at the pier. You can explore the ship. Take a map of the whole ship. You can use the map provided after you book for that cruise. Look at the main areas that you will be going like your cabin, the dining area, and other parts of the ship where passengers are allowed to explore.

Today, cruises have Wi-Fi so Internet connection wouldn’t really be that much of a problem. Instead of wallowing yourself in your social media accounts, you can go around and look for other activities that are going on at the various stations inside the ship. It will let you see how beautiful the ship is. You will also get to experience a lot of amazing activities happening while in the cruise.

Don’t forget to enjoy and try to document every piece of that memory for keepsakes. It is always good to have something that you could look back into for years. Those memories of your first time in a cruise will be rooted in your heart and mind always.

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First Time Cruise – Caribbean Cruises Considered

There are significant choices for Caribbean Cruises and some of the mega ships are truly incredible, entire cities afloat, with everything you could ever want or think of. 5-Star service, recreation, gyms, pools, massage, games, sunbathing, top restaurants, and well you name it. Plus, just take a look at some of the wonderful destinations on some of the cruise choices, it’s enough to make your head spin. Sometimes it is so strenuous to go through all the choices that by the time you are done, well, you’ll need a cruise.

The Caribbean is considered one of the best places to take a cruise and the islanders love the tourist trade which thrives on shoppers and travelers. Worried about getting sea-sick? Don’t because these ships are so enormous that you feel like you are in a giant building, after all it is literally a city afloat. The most awesome thing about these cruises is the costs are so low, in fact, it is almost cheaper to go on a perpetual cruise than to live anywhere, especially if you shop for the best deals, that include the most features.

If you are going on your first excursion and get-away and you are not sure where to go, I would like to recommend that you try a Caribbean Cruise from one of the larger cruise lines and pick one with the best cruise reviews online from former cruise customers, then consider how much you can budget for your first time cruise, sign-up, show up and enjoy the spectacular beauty known only to the Caribbean!

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First Time Cruise Tips – Six Strategies to Avoid a Disastrous Vacation

Apply these first time cruise tips for an unforgettable retreat at sea. Keep certain essentials in your carry-on and find out how to choose your cabin. Use these strategies to avoid headaches and ensure a rewarding stress-free vacation.

1. First Time Cruise Tips for Packing

Keep your medications, a first aid kit, and sea sickness meds in your carry on. Take only one credit card with you. Leave the rest at home. Life on-board a cruise ship is very relaxed. So pack with comfort in mind. Your ship will also offer one or two formal nights so include one or two outfits for evening wear.

2. Essential Documents You Must Remember

A passport if you are a U.S. citizen or a certified birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID. Check with your cruise line for necessary visas to different ports of call. Your pre-boarding pass. This must be completed online prior to boarding the ship. A simple first time cruise tip to avoid headaches is to leave copies of your passport, airline tickets, and credit card information with a friend or family member.

3. Choosing Your Cabin Very Wisely

If you suffer from claustrophobia, avoid an interior room as these have no windows and are small. Instead choose one with a picture window, port hole, or balcony to make your cruise ship travel a rewarding one. Do you get seasick easily? Then choose a lower cabin near the center of the ship. Here there is less rocking motion. This first time cruise tip can be the difference between an enjoyable vacation and a disastrous one.

4. Crucial Cruise Travel Tips and Airline Accommodations

Fly in a day earlier if you can to avoid rushing. If you cannot, get to your destination at least four hours before the ship leaves. Arrive at your embarkation area at least two hours before departure. And avoid booking your return flight before 2:00 p.m. to give yourself ample time to catch that plane.

5. Essential Embarkation Tips

DO NOT place your documentation in your checked baggage. You will need it for check in. Your luggage will be transferred to the ship and placed outside your room. This sometimes takes a few hours. Use the time to get to know the ship. Find out where the dining rooms and outdoor cafes are located. A sail and sign card will be issued to you. It is used as your room key, for making purchases, and as identification to get on and off the ship.

6. Essential Debarkation Tips

The night before your cruise ends, custom forms will be left in your room to fill out as well as color-coded tags. Pack your bags on your last night and leave them outside your door. You will be called the next morning according to your color coded luggage tags. Keep your carry-on luggage with you. This includes necessary documentation and your sail and sign card.

Avoid ruining your cruise vacation with these easy to follow first time cruise tips. By choosing your cabin wisely and packing essential items you will enjoy an unforgettable floating holiday. And come back renewed and energized.

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First Time Cruise Tips – 5 Outstanding Tips For a First Time Cruiser

Here are 5 outstanding first time cruise tips that will make your cruise vacation more affordable and full of satisfaction.

Book Early Or Late

This is a win-win situation for cruisers because you basically get all the best deals by booking in very early or at the last minute. You will get early-bird savings of 15-50% when you book your cruise three to six months before your departure. You can also choose from a wide selection of cabins.

You can also get cheaper deals by booking in at the last minute (2-3 weeks) but it’s going to be difficult to find a cheap flight because most cheap airfares require a 3-week advance purchase. You won’t also get a cabin of your choice and you will have to take in what’s available.

Get A Travel Agent

When you book a cruise, it’s often wise to get a travel agent that’s been at many cruises before. Although there are many websites offering the best cruise deals but it can actually be a difficult thing to book a cruise online. Get a travel who is not affiliated with a specific cruise line so they can give you their honest and unbiased opinions with the cruise lines.

Drive Instead Of Flying

Driving to a port is so much cheaper compared to flying. The cruise lines are doing their best to accommodate more passengers that’s why some of them are repositioning their ships into ports that are near driving distance of most regions in the U.S.

Try A Quick Cruise

You might want to try in booking a 3-5 day trip just to find out what cruising really feels like. I had a friend who is all excited on his first-time cruise but after the trip he felt that it was too limiting and boring.

Check Your Charges

Carefully check for the added charges that cruise lines are milking from you. Cruise lines can suck in your money without you realizing it so be sure to read their policies on everything.

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